Thursday, December 23, 2010

Disciple's Cross's Christian Business Opportunity

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If you have been looking for an honest, good paying work from home opportunity, then you need to read every word of this letter very carefully.

Why? Because I'm going to reveal to you a terrific program that pays well, guarantees you profit, and won't make you a slave for hire.

How much time and money have you wasted on worthless business "opportunities" and high priced work from home scams? You know the ones I am referring to - the envelope stuffing programs, the craft work which is near impossible to make to the company's specifications, the shady chain letter schemes...

The Disciples Cross™ work from home program is your ticket to earning the profits you deserve, without turning your kitchen table into a sweat shop.
You will never make money from the vast majority of work from home opportunities. But it's not your fault! Many work from home companies use questionable business practices or underhanded tactics to ensure that they make money, but leave you with piles of worthless junk and empty pockets. Some of these dirty tricks include complex assembly instructions that no regular person could follow, minimum quotas in order to get paid, or complicated piece work that pays so little that you end up making well below minimum wage.
Let me introduce the Disciple's Cross™ home-based business opportunity. The Disciple's Cross™ is a hand-made cross necklace, that is available in a multitude of colors, and it sells like crazy.

By becoming a Disciple's Cross™ Producer, you could earn up to $500 or more each week when you follow my simple instructions.

When you become a Certified Disciple's Cross™ Producer, you'll get a complete starter kit that contains everything you need to get started in this incredible opportunity. Disciple's Cross™ necklaces are easy to make. Once you have learned the basic steps (thanks to my step-by-step training video), you will be able to create these precious crosses in about 5 minutes.

Here's the best part: you'll be able to work from your favorite chair, table or location whenever you want. There are no quotas to meet, so you will be able to make as few or as many as you wish, in whatever time frame you'd like. As a Disciples Cross™ Producer, you will be able to run your business how you want, when you want, and wherever you want.

Watch out for programs that use shady tactics to suck the money from your pocketbook. With Disciple's Cross™ you will never have to buy a minimum amount of supplies each month, or pay an ongoing fee to remain "active".

Our Guaranteed Buy Back Program ensures that you never have to leave the comfort of your home to earn a healthy income. When you send in your finished crosses, I will pay you $1.25 for each cross that meets our quality standards, plus an additional $1.00 each for material reimbursement. I will also send you up to $5.00 per unit of 50 as reimbursement for your mailing expenses.

There is absolutely no selling required in our program. However, if you are ambitious enough to market your Disciple's Cross™ necklaces yourself, you can easily double, triple or even quadruple your profits! In fact, a majority of our Disciple's Cross™ producers are already doing this, right now.

As a Disciple's Cross™ Certified Producer, you will be given generous marketing rights. You may sell your Disciple's Cross™ necklaces to whomever you wish and at whatever price you choose.

  • Christian bookstores will snap them up from you at $5.00 each.
  • Sell them at craft fairs and swap meets for $10.00 apiece (or more).
  • Use them as fundraisers for your church or school.
  • Sell them on the Internet for any price you wish.

You can even combine retail sales, wholesale sales, and our Guaranteed Buy Back Program into your own personal profit plan. If you want to double, triple or even quadruple your profits above and beyond our Guaranteed Buy Back Program, I won't stand in your way. Remember, this is a ministry for me, and I am happy to have you join me.

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Christian Home Based Business Opportunity - Are There Any?

Are you looking for a Christian home based business opportunity, but find you are disappointed with the selection? There are some good ones out there, but I have not found there to be an abundance of them.

Many look for a Christian based opportunity for several reasons.

• They want to work with like-minded people with similar values
• They want o sell Christian products that have a lasting effect
• They feel better about the home based opportunity and feel they are less likely to be scammed
• They want to be part of something "bigger" - something with eternal benefits.

What is your reason? It doesn't have to fit one of the above. It might be any number of other explanations.

The existing Christian home based opportunities that I am familiar with are mainly selling products like jewelry, books, or other items. Some don't involve selling Christian based products but the companies are owned by Christian entrepreneurs.

So, what do you do if you don't want to sell Christian books or jewelry? You may not have a keen interest in selling what is offered. Do you give up on your goal of starting a Christian home based business?

No! Think about "creating" an opportunity. Take an inventory of your experience, interests, gifts and talents. Then determine what type of home based opportunity would lend itself to incorporating these into a business.

When you develop your own opportunity, you are much more likely to enjoy it and feel connected to it. There are always challenging times in a business, and if it is one that you have created from scratch to suit who you are, you will be able to keep going through the difficult times. Having an invested interest in the business goes a long way in sticking with it.

Always, but always, do your research before you settle on a business. Determine if there is a market who would be interested in what you want to offer, whether it is a service or a product. Always, make sure they are willing to spend money on it, and are not freebie-seekers. You want to pursue an opportunity that has profit potential.

Check in stores to see what is selling. Talk with the owners to see how popular the particular types of products are. You don't want to make exactly the same type of products, but if other similar ones are selling, that is a good sign.

Do as much research as possible before jumping in. Know that there is a potential to make a good profit before you start your business up.

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