Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christians are Advancing the Kingdom of God by Welcoming New Business Opportunities

Christian Business Opportunity

Many Christians are now looking for new Christian business opportunities to start in order to help fuel their ministries and families to do the work of the Lord more abundantly.

Christians everywhere are beginning to wake up and see the promises of God, unfolding on their lives. One of these promises is in the area of finances. For a long time, old religious beliefs, such as, Christians are not to be rich, have dominated the minds of Christians. Christians have been scared to expect from God, abundance in wealth and many look down on the few Christians in the church that go after wealth in business.
  • Can Christians succeed in the business world without sacrificing their biblical beliefs?
  • Is there too much attention in the current marketplace on manipulating the bottom line, deceiving consumers into buying products, and self gain, to be biblically sound?
  • Is it possible for Christians to conduct businesses that glorify God?

Many Christian entrepreneurs seem to believe that it is possible to be successful in the business world and please God at the same time. They believe that if Christians imitate the Lord's character in all their daily business activities and have reverence for the truth that God owns their business anyway, then their business can and does glorify God.

These biblical concepts are being welcomed into the Body of Christ like never before and Christians everywhere are seeking opportunities for greater wealth and asking God to provide these blessings in order that the Kingdom of God can advance in succession. God is responding to these prayers and Christian ministries are exploding like never before due to the increased funding Christians are bringing into the church.
Recently a new website,, has emerged with the mission of providing Christians business opportunities that glorify God, and at the same time, help Christians increase their finances and fuel Christian ministries and families to do the work of the Lord more abundantly.