Monday, April 11, 2005

Disciple Crosses Opportunity

Disciple Crosses

If you have been looking for honest, good paying Christian business opportunities, then making Disciple Crosses could be the Christian home based business opportunity you've been looking for.

The Disciple's Cross is a hand-made cross necklace, that is available in a multitude of colors, and it sells like crazy.

When you become a Certified Disciple's Cross™ Producer, you'll get a complete starter kit that contains everything you need to get started in this incredible opportunity. Disciple's Cross™ necklaces are easy to make. Once you have learned the basic steps (thanks to my step-by-step training video), you will be able to create these precious crosses in about 5 minutes.

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Spread The Word Bookstore Opportunity

Spread the Word Bookstore

Purchasing a Spread the Word (STW) Online Christian Bookstore is empowering to churches, ministries and families because each bookstore can easily be created, customized, and managed to earn ministries income to do the work of the Kingdom.

  • IT’S FAST AND EASY Build and customize your bookstore in minutes by following our simple template and directions!
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZEABLE Create an Internet presence for your ministry or integrate the Spread the Word (STW) Online Christian Bookstore into your existing website!
  • SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTS Use your Spread the Word (STW) Online Christian Bookstore website to distribute your own Christian product!
  • STW WILL MANAGE YOUR BOOKSTORE To make this process as convenient as possible all bookstore management including pre-sale and post-sale support, customer service, credit card processing, order fulfillment and shipping is included.

Earn Income: You can earn up to $5,000 a month working either part-time or full-time in your own Christian business. For all Christian product sales on your website you will earn up to 30% commission and be eligible to participate in the STW revenue share program. For every bookstore purchased by someone you refer to Spread the Word (STW) you will earn $100 Instant Cash! Your Instant Cash will even be in the mail 24 hours after your referred member signs up.

Fuel Your Ministry: Put an end to constant funding pressure by owning a Spread the Word (STW) Online Christian Bookstore. When you purchase a bookstore, a new residual revenue stream is created through this passive giving channel.

Answer God’s Calling on Your Life: Christian books change lives and Christian music restores the soul. STW can help you find spiritual fulfillment through a vocation that answer’s God’s calling on your life, to spread the Word.

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